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Nigerian Artist Song Featured In The 61st Grammy Awards Commercial

IBK Spaceshipboi song was featured on the twenty-seven seconds commercial for the 61st Grammy Awards for 2019.

In preparation for the 61st Grammy awards show 2019, the recording academy released a #LetsHearIt commercial on its Instagram page which featured music from Nigerian musician-IBK Spaceshipboi.

The Nigerian musician, IBK  Spaceshipboi, also announced the happy news via his Instagram page.

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Music by: IBK SPACESHIPBOI. 🙌🏽🙌🙌🏿🙌🏼 I remember my first time pushing the "on" button to watch American television. I am a sucker for commercials so I watched the ads religiously so much so that my girl friend at the time would yell from the living room "they are showing your commercials oh!". I told myself "1 day, you will create music that will be on one of these commercials". So I started paying attention to the genres of music that thrived in that industry and became inspired to create 6 pieces at the time. Fast forward 2 years later, I get a call from the awesome team at @sostereomusic saying the Grammy's would love to use 1 of my pieces for the 2019 commercial and would love if you could spruce it up abit. So spruce it I did 😁 and the rest is good history. From thought to reality, my music now plays on a Grammy commercial on American television. This Warri boy from Nigeria; God writes the story, we just act it out 🤗 #GRAMMYs #goodmusic #music #commercial #nominations #grammy2019 #greatness #rock #award #predestined #excellence #blackexcellence #dreamscometrue #yourdreamsarevalid #producer #naijatotheworld #anythingispossible #tvcommerials #theGRAMMYs #GRAMMYcommercial #african #bestband #musicflow #themusicexplorer #live #LetsHearIt

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