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Empowering Women Isn’t Just By Words But By Actions And Providing Resources – Captain Evarest

Woman Empowerment has always been a strong ideology which I take pride in and ever since i created OAS Helicopters, I have ensured that every position in the company is awarded based only on the applicants certifications, experience and ability to perform tasks perfectly. Giving back to the community especially the female community is also something that is of great value to me; a prime example is my donation of laptops to outstanding performers in a mentorship program organised by the Bryne project in collaboration with FCMB and gave 80 female entrepreneurs the opportunity to be mentored over a period of three months.

The Sheventures platform was the avenue where the mentorship session took place offline and online for its duration. As I have always believed “No nation can prosper without the development and support of the significant half – women, that’s why at OAS we support female entrepreneurs and professionals to reach their highest potential professionally or personal lives”.

The two most outstanding mentees who were gifted the laptops by myself were Mrs. Yewande Ogunlana, Miss Josephine Ngeleh. The Ladies were elated and very appreciative of the donation provided. Miss Josephine Ngeleh, The CEO of JossyWhyte Concepts shared that the brand new laptops would aid her business growth and development while Mrs Yewande Ogunlana the CEO of Yaowendy’s World was full of Joy and expressed gratitude as the impact will be seen in her business growth.

Ifode Eruore presenting the laptop on behalf of Captain Evarest Nnaji to Mrs. Yewande Ogunlana

Ifode Eruore presenting the laptop on behalf of Captain Evarest Nnaji to Miss Josephine Ngeleh

The impact made in the lives of these ladies is one of the reasons why I continue to support brilliant and inspiring female entrepreneurs all over Nigeria, their voices matter and their resilience is uncanny. In commemoration with the Global International Women’s History Month and Women’s Day, I, Captain Evarest Choose To Challenge: Gender Inequality In The Corporate World starting with OAS Helicopters by ensuring there is no avenue for inequality, i will also continue to offer various leadership roles to females who are qualified and capable while also empowering more women in various other industries however way he can.

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