25under25 awards: Who is eligible for nomination?

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In a world brimming with young talent, the 25 Under 25 Awards stand as a shining beacon, casting a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of the rising generation. But what does it take to be eligible for such prestigious recognition? The 25 Under 25 Awards aren’t just accolades; they are a celebration of the vision, determination, and transformative impact that young individuals can have on the world. These awards serve as a testament to the power of youth-driven innovation and change. The primary objective is to assist early-stage entrepreneurs in realizing their bold ideas and establishing successful and sustainable businesses. By providing a conducive space, a supportive community, and essential access, we aim to empower these entrepreneurs and enable them to bring their entrepreneurial aspirations to life.
Below are listed criteria/eligibility for the 25 under 25 awards

Eligibility criteria
1] Experience and qualification: Nominees must have a proven track record of experience in the field, complemented by relevant qualifications that showcase their expertise
2] Age: The founder(s) must not be older than 26 when receiving the award and the company must have existed for at least 3 years.
3] Nationality: The event was solely made to recognize and celebrate micro and small businesses that are transforming industries in Nigeria. The business owner/founder must be a Nigerian to be able to qualify.
4] Achievement and contribution: Eligible candidates should be able to provide concrete examples of their impactful contributions. The company must be contributing to social economic development in Nigeria.
5] Ethical standing: Individuals nominated must have a clean record with no recent or ongoing ethical or legal issues. The line of business must be by Nigerian laws.
6] Originality: The business must be duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

From technology to arts, social entrepreneurship to environmental activism, the 25 under 25 awards recognize young achievers across a diverse range of fields. This diversity showcases the multifaceted impact that young minds can achieve in various sectors. As we eagerly anticipate the 8th edition of the under 25 awards and the announcement of the winners, let us remember that eligibility for this award is not merely a title, it is an acknowledgement of remarkable potential within every young minded driven by passion, purpose and desire to leave their mark on history.



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