25under25 Awards: Why Greenforce endorsed the Energy and Sustainability Category of the 25under25 Awards.

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Green force is an eco-friendly company that is dedicated to enhancing renewable energy solutions across Africa. As a company, our singular mission is to bridge the gap in Africa’s energy deficiency. We provide innovative and clean energy solutions to meet the needs of African households and businesses.

As a continent, we are plagued with various issues ranging from poor social infrastructure to illiteracy. In all of these issues, we identified energy as one of the reasons small and medium scale businesses do not operate optimally all of these issues, we identified energy as one of the reasons small and medium scale businesses do not operate optimally. Businesses and households all search for energy solutions that are reliable and affordable.

SME100 Africa’s 25under25 awards is awards ceremony that aims at appreciating and recognizing the efforts of young Nigerian entrepreneurs who are doing phenomenal things to improve the lives of many in our society. This initiative is one that hits home with our vision to a greater and better Africa through socio-economic empowerment programs.

The privilege to be presenting the award for the Energy and Sustainability category is something we hold dear to our hearts. Looking at the young entrepreneurs in this category, we are certain of a bright for the booming energy industry. This is why the decision to support the 25under25 awards and the Energy and Sustainability category comes with ease. 

Our mission has always been to drive the availability, affordability and reliability of energy that optimizes production, commercial operations and general basic living in Africa. Our support for the 25under25 awards only reiterates the goal of our Company and resonates with our core values as an Energy Company.

Therefore, the time has come for all us in various industries and works of life to encourage the younger generation to believe in themselves and their visions. We can all contribute to giving back to society as we hope for positive change across board in all industries in Africa. Ultimately, we at Greenforce Group will continue to support this program in the coming years. THEIR GROWTH IS OUR GROWTH.



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