25under25: Ayodeji Faleto empowering careers and business worldwide

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Ayodeji  Faleto’s entrepreneurial journey from finance to global empowerment is a demonstration of the power of commitment, resilience, and adaptability. His story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and shows them how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and impact. Ayodeji Faleto, the visionary behind Careers and Business Everything, is one entrepreneur with an impressive background ranging from finance to being an award-winning business owner. His journey began with a strong foundation in finance and his lifelong passion for problem-solving. He recognized the gaps in employment and access to information and asked us to embark on a mission to close these gaps. In his words “ Engagement is the engine of growth for  Careers and Business  Everything”.  Ayodeji’s unwavering commitment to providing valuable services and adapting to changing audience needs has been pivotal in “her” journey. 


 Ayodeji emphasizes the importance of resilience in entrepreneurship. “Difficulties are natural”, but he believes in turning them into opportunities. His ability to persist and stay focused on his vision, even after long days at work, was the foundation of his success. 

In 2021, Careers and Business Everything received an award from  SME100. This is a moment that Ayodeji cherishes. Beyond the award itself, it also brought exposure,   partnership, and recognition. Mr. Ayodeji received many inquiries and collaborations,  which increased his positive impact on the company. 

Ayodeji’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to remain persistent and adaptable. Even if your business starts with a  plan,   it’s important to evolve as trends change.  Continuous learning, attending events, and networking with professionals are key to growth.

The most rewarding moments for Ayodeji are when clients share how his services have changed their professional lives. “We take great pride in seeing our customers’ perceptions and experiences improve”.  

  He expressed how the SME100Africa certification not only increased his business’ profile but also its credibility.
“Our association with this award attracted more followers and inquiries, and we were able to increase our service fees based on perceived value”. 

In the future, Ayodeji plans to take everything in his career and business to a global level. Ayodeji vows to continue to shape the future of all things career and business, and continue to bless the world with his craft 



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