25Under25 Entrepreneurs Awards – Press Conference

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Today, SME 100 Nigeria held a major press conference to announce the upcoming 25 Under 25 Entrepreneur Awards holding August 26th in Lagos Nigeria.

About the 25 Under 25 Awards

The 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs Awards is an annual award by SME 100 to recognize, celebrate and encourage some of Nigeria’s most innovative entrepreneurs under the age of 25. The goal of this award is to stimulate an entrepreneurial culture among our youths. We identify young people doing phenomenal work across the country, shine the spotlight on them so that all others can see them, and aspire to set up businesses as well. On the other hand, we are actively tackling the menace of widespread youth unemployment in Nigeria. There was a time when high unemployment rates in the country was a problem and people were unable to overcome this and create or find jobs; but times have changed and awards like this emphasize this reality. Today, frankly you can take charge of your career and if nobody gives you a job, you can make one. The tools and inspiration are everywhere; the big question for our youths now is; what do you want to do?

Furthermore, an award like this is aimed at changing the narrative on African youths. In the past, the continent may have been associated with backwardness and economic under-progressiveness but this generation of youths are changing that. The African rising theme is beyond a placative; it is real and we have hundreds of amazing youth entrepreneurs to prove this. Today, young people have ignored social class, tribe or another thing that divided us; to tap into their creative energies and champion ingenious enterprises that provides solution to a variety of needs in Africa.

The youth population is also a group that desperately requires role models and nobody shows  how much one can do like someone with a similar reality; braving the odds and creating formidable businesses. Therefore, we are celebrating those that should be celebrated in our country to become examples, in the area of entrepreneurship, to so many others; who have in them a desire to do great things as well.



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