25under25 Entrepreneurship Awards: Igniting Dreams and Driving Change

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Over the course of the past seven years, our mission has centered around empowering young entrepreneurs. The establishment of the 25 Under 25 awards has served as a platform through which we acknowledge, celebrate, and foster a community of driven young Nigerians who have taken the pivotal first step in shaping their lives and society – embarking on entrepreneurial ventures.

Our faith in entrepreneurs is unwavering. In any given society, entrepreneurs assume a vital role in the economy. These individuals leverage their inherent talents and essential resources to anticipate needs, thereby offering impactful solutions in the form of products. This dynamic process triggers a chain reaction, generating employment opportunities and enhancing the overall quality of life.

Thus, we hold it paramount to channel the potential of young entrepreneurs by equipping them with the essential tools that expedite their progress. This mission is particularly crucial in present-day Nigeria, where prevailing socio-economic circumstances have rendered it challenging for the youth to establish and cultivate thriving businesses. The act of building a business is an expedition, and our commitment lies in ensuring this journey culminates in the most favorable outcome.

We have made a dedicated pledge to provide access to a community, training, mentorship, workspace, and funding. To date, we have granted recognition and support to over 150 entrepreneurs. Through financial assistance, comprehensive training initiatives, personalized leadership guidance, and a robust network of advisors, mentors, and potential investors, we have championed the cause of these young business leaders.

This year, our aspirations extend to broadening our reach and intensifying our impact. Each entrepreneur selected via the nomination process will not only contend for the esteemed 25 Under 25 award but will also secure membership within an active community. Furthermore, they will be integrated into an intensive 8-week incubation program. This program has been meticulously curated to furnish budding entrepreneurs with the requisite knowledge and tools for effectively navigating the intricate landscape of business.



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