25under25: The journey of Doyin in promoting culture through fashion

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Doyinmola Paul-Oyewusi, the Creative Director and visionary Founder of Dhoney Adire and Craft Nigeria embarked on a journey that seamlessly intertwined her passion for fashion, her cultural heritage, and environmental sustainability. 

Growing up in Ondo state, Doyinmola enjoyed the freedom to explore her creative inclinations. If it made sense to her parents and two older siblings, she was sure to get all the support needed to bring it to life. What could be better than having the backing of family?

In her teenage years, she stepped into the world of fashion modeling and by age 16, participated in her first national pageant in Abuja where her purpose became crystal clear: empower young people with creative skills that would help promote culture.

Empowerment became her guiding principle. She began by gathering 50 young girls in secondary schools, teaching them various creative skills, and nurturing their love for culture. Despite facing financial constraints down the line, this initiative ignited a spark that soon evolved into Dhoney Adire and Craft Nigeria.

Her journey to entrepreneurship was marked by a deliberate choice to explore àdìre, a Nigerian traditional textile art form. 

“I had a Ghanaian teacher at the time, and I also went to learn at the famous àdìre state in Nigeria, which is Ogun State. I later proceeded to learn more in Osogbo to improve my skills.”

Dhoney Adire and Craft Nigeria is more than a brand; it’s a movement promoting sustainable fashion and responsible consumption. At its core, the brand addresses the problem of wasteful clothing disposal and its environmental repercussions. By repurposing old clothing, Doyinmola contributes to curbing climate change and inspiring mindful consumption.

For Doyinmola, entrepreneurship is synonymous with solutions. Identifying problems and offering innovative solutions have been the bedrock of her journey.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to identify a problem you are trying to solve and proffer a solution. Don’t just start a business because everyone is. Solutions must be provided. ”

Another vital lesson learned from her journey is the power of persistence and being bold.

“Be zealous about what you do and put your brand in the faces and ears of people. Don’t hide what you do from the world. Be proud and bold enough to speak about your business at every point in time.”

The 25under25 Awards stands as a significant milestone in Doyinmola’s journey. The recognition brought with it a wave of opportunities, from media coverage to receiving grant opportunities.

“The 25under25 Awards was one of my big blessings in 2021. It was major and is still major for me because it opened me to opportunities and recognitions I did not need to solicit for. I have gained a lot since winning the award.”

Envisioning workshops, masterclasses, and declutter programs as Dhoney Adire and Craft Nigeria evolve into a global venture, Doyinmola anticipates a future where empowerment, sustainability, and cultural pride unite communities across Nigeria and beyond.

Her journey also reminds aspiring entrepreneurs that passion, purpose, and the ability to solve problems are the very building blocks of a truly outstanding legacy.



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