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Kind of business: Is it Partnership, Sole Proprietorship (Part A), Company limited by shares (LTD or PLC), Company not limited by Shares (unlimited company),  (Part B) Not-For-Profit Organisations, eg, NGOs, Associations (Part C).Nature of business:
What kind of product or services will you be offering.
Name of Business: what name do you want to call your business? This is important as it would enable you reserve and register  a business name at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
Address of Business : You need to get an address, which would be used to register a business name.
Owners of Business : You need to get directors for the business. The amount of business director is up to the amount of shareholders and most times differ according to the kind of business.
The directors will need to sign the document and affix their passport photograph(s)
Let us assist you in getting your company registered and kickstart your business to success within 24 hours of submission at CAC.

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