4 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Go to the Gym

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Running a business is hardwork, albeit rewarding and satisfying. As entrepreneurs, there are so many balls to juggle: trying to build an empire, spending time with family and friends, networking and keeping up with useful trends. Often times, we juggle all these balls and forget the one ball that has the ability to make all the other balls drop…our health! A budding business and a huge bank account cannot replace good health. As they say, health is wealth.

A healthy lifestyle can be achieved with consistency and a deliberate consciousness of how daily choices affect our health. Keeping fit is one sure way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some reasons why every entrepreneur should go to the gym:

  1. Networking

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of investment…timewise. The gym is a great place to meet people and prospective clients. Attending scheduled classes is a great activity and a fun way to get to know people. You might as well sell your business and meet new people while you are keeping fit.

  1. Increased Brain Activity

It is a known fact that exercise increases brain activity. Research has proven that exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain. So, if you’re having a “brain block”, just exercise! Get oxygen flowing through your brain, either through cardio, aerobics or even through lifting of weights and in return, boost your memory and learning ability. Entrepreneurship requires strategizing, critical thinking and creativity and exercise is a good way to ensure your brain is always fired up and ready to win!

  1. Stress Reduction

Running a business is no easy feat, it can be pretty challenging. From managing multiple vendors to ensuring your customers remain satisfied to dealing with logistics issues…the list is endless! All of these various elements put together can make entrepreneurship very stressful.

Exercising is a good way to let go of all that steam and reduce anxiety. Most well equipped gyms such as Fitness Central Gym in Lagos have all you need to keep fit for an affordable monthly membership fee. Luxurious gyms even have extra services such as steam rooms, spas and so on which can help you relax and rejuvenate.

  1. Renewed Energy

Going to the gym is a great way to start your day, not only would feel energetic for the rest of the day but you’d also sleep better. Plus think about it, you’d also feel confident and optimistic throughout the rest of the day.

  1. Increased Determination

Attending the scheduled classes at the gym or achieving your fitness targets are great ways to challenge and push yourself. During group classes, you are able to draw energy for your fellow class members and keep going even when you are tired, this is pretty similar to the entrepreneurship journey. Your resilience at the gym can help you develop the tenacity you need to keep going in your business even when you feel like giving up!



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