7 African countries with the most equity funding for tech start-ups in 2019

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•African tech start-ups raised $1.16 billion in equity in 2018, according to Partech 2019 report.
•Most of the tech startups are in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa with 78% of the total equity funding in 2018.
•The 2018 equity funding recorded 108% growth compared to 33% in 2016 and 53% in 2017.

African tech startups raised a total of $1.163 billion in equity deals in 2018 with Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt, Malawi and Senegal receiving 78% of the total funding.
In its 2018 report on the financing of African Startups, Partech said the funding was 108% year-on-year growth compared to +33% in 2016 and +53% in 2017.
The report, in its third year, covers equity deals in tech and digital spaces, and funding rounds higher than $200,000 and lower than $100 million. Deals covered are both disclosed and undisclosed and the report only includes African start-ups.
“It’s quite simply astonishing. When we started our journey to create the Partech Africa Fund in 2015, we had anticipated the $1 billion mark to be broken by 2020. We are now already 2 years ahead of our projections,” says Cyril Collon, General Partner at Partech Africa Fund.



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