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About 25 Under 25 Awards

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This is an award ceremony recognising and celebrating micro and small businesses including start-ups that are transforming industries that impact millions of lives everyday in Nigeria.
Industries include:
2. Technology
3.Hospitality and Tourism
5.Media and communications
6. Food & Drinks
7.Manufacturing & Logistics
8. Professional services
9. E-commerce
10. Music
11. Finance and Fintech
12. Sports
13.Arts & Culture
14. Beauty & Make-up
15. Fashion
16. Creative writing & Content Creation
17. Event Planning
18. Health & Skin Care
19. Environment & Interior Decor
20. Social Entrepreneurship
21. Software & Design
22. Energy & Sustainability
23. Active Citizenship & Govt Enagagement
24. Performing Art
25. Education.

Eligibility Criteria:

The founder(s) must not be older than the age of 27 as at the time of receiving the award and the company must have been in existence for at least 3 years.

The founder must be a Nigerian.

The company must be contributing to social economic development in Nigeria.

The line of business must be ethical and in accordance to the Nigerian laws.

The business must be duly registered under the cooperate affairs commission of Nigeria.