Avon HMO Introduces New Health Plans

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In a bid to deepen healthcare penetra-tion across the customer divide, Avon HMO, Nigeria’s leading Health Maintenance Company that recently introduced new health plans to leverage  technology and drive affordable and quality healthcare in Nigeria.

The new plans which include Life Starter, Couples’ Plan, Life Plus, Premium Life and Boss, are designed to cater for the healthcare needs of customers across various stages of their lives.


According to the MD/CEO, Avon HMO, Mrs. Adesimbo Ukiri, the introduction of the new plans is informed by observable gaps in the market for products tailored to address the particular needs of market segments which do not fit into traditional market models, particularly, in the face of Nigeria’s emerging middle class and SME economies.

“Since we came into the market about four years ago, Avon HMO has been at the forefront of offering innovative subscription plans that enhance the experience of Nigerians across the healthcare value chain.

“Avon is synonymous with many firsts and what we have done this time is to expand the plans on our bouquet so Nigerians have more options to choose from in meeting their specific healthcare needs.

“So, whether you are shopping for your domestic staff, or you want a plan to meet your needs as a small business, or you are a student or the parent of a young adult, you are just starting a family or you are at a point in life where you just want to seat back and enjoy the rewards of your labour without losing most of it to huge healthcare bills, Avon has something for you.”



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