Captain Everest Nnaji Posits New Lift for Airlines in Nigeria

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  • Post last modified:January 25, 2019
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Captain Everest Nnaji posits that Nigerian airlines must operate in line with international standards to remain in business I have debated this matter with economists and business developers over the years, but I believe it’s now time to put it out to the public, if not for anything, at least so that we all know where we stand. Aviation has proven to be a sector without-which-not in the global and borderless world economy; where companies are headquartered and controlled in one city while its activities can be alive and across the length and breadth of the world. But the decision makers of those organizations are often required to appear physically in those countries where their businesses are scattered, for various negotiations and big decisions. Air travel hence becomes a dependable ally to accomplish such trips saving time and achieving more results within the shortest possible time. In our country, big time business people as well as government officials will continue to rely on air travel to meet up with their travel needs to remain on top of their games.

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