CEO of Softcom, Grace The cover of 100talks Magazine , November 2019 issue

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Yomi Adedeji, the young inspiring CEO of Softcom is the cover for the November 2019 issue of 100talks

Yomi Adedeji co-founded Softcom Limited in 2007. Since the company’s formation, Yomi has held several positions including those of the managing partner, CEO, and Head-IT. Yomi, an avid technology enthusiast, emphasizes his commitment to building a solutions company focused on connecting people, businesses, and communities in Africa using technology. Under his leadership, Softcom has pioneered some of Africa’s largest technology-focused deployments in addressing various problems for leading telecoms, consumer goods, financial, retail and governmental organizations. Yomi received a B.Sc from Covenant University in 2007, and is an Alumnus of the Stanford University SEED Program

The company, which simply self identifies as: a thinking company on a mission to connect people and businesses with meaningful innovation, at scale, is a powerhouse in a class of its own; tackling problems across personal identification, education, payment solutions and big data. 

Yomi Adedeji appears a man on a mission. In Africa, where, sometimes the only support available to entrepreneurs and innovators is hope, Yomi has turned hope to action , action to solutions and solutions to visible, measurable change.

In his words “In order to lift whole communities out of poverty and ensure inclusive growth, our development must be led by data and planning, not just ideas. We must take advantage of technology to identify and enrol our people into the National identity system so everyone can be known and verified; we must democratize quality education, ensuring equal access for everyone, and aggressively drive financial inclusion to ensure that money and the services associated with it are universally accessible.”

Oh yes we can! In practice, Yomi backs these inspired words with actions as he would be the first to tell you that there is still so much left to build, record, make or produce in creating a greater Africa for future generations. 

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