Charles Odii steps down from management and board of SME100 AFRICA

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Charles Odii, the author, enterprise development expert, and entrepreneur who played a pivotal role in advancing the interests of SMEs in Africa through SME100 Africa, has decided to step down from his role as management of SME 100 AFRICA.

Charles is stepping down after eight years of founding SME100 AFRICA.  Under the leadership of Charles Odii, SME100 Africa achieved numerous milestones, most notable of all being the Africa Small Business Summit, Nigeria’s youth leadership program (25 Under 25 Award), and Young Entrepreneur Programs, entrepreneurship World Cup to mention a few, direct involvement in the sourcing of funds for 1356 small business owners and managers and broadening the horizon of 4002 new businesses into new frontiers, Developed and expanded sister companies and subsidiaries of the business. Raised $2M to invest in small businesses.  Grew the SME100 Africa community by over 500% as well as the SME100 Africa team

Partnered with the US consulate in Nigeria and other top multinationals in Nigeria including Google to hold and execute impact projects in Nigeria

Remi Ademiju has been appointed executive director of SME100 Africa. Remi Ademiju, whose passion, vision, and commitment to entrepreneurs align seamlessly with Charles’s legacy, is poised to lead the organization into its next chapter.

Commenting on his ascension, Remi Says “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Charles Odii for spearheading the creation of an incredibly empowering organization. With his visionary leadership, SME100 Africa has ignited a transformative spark in the lives of more than 14,000 entrepreneurs and has nurtured the growth of 9,750 registered businesses in Nigeria. Through the relentless execution of 89 impactful programs and over 11,000 hours of dedicated coaching sessions, this remarkable milestone stands as a powerful source of inspiration, propelling me onward to champion the cause of entrepreneurs in Nigeria even further.”

As the organization welcomes Remi Ademiju as its new executive director, it remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and driving the growth of SMEs across Nigeria.

About SME100 Africa

SME100 Africa is a leading organization supporting and promoting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Nigeria.



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