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Owning and running a business can be tedious. Trying to overcome the challenges on daily and having a productive business is certainly not as easy as you thought before your entrepreneurship journey began.

What if you got to know a few things you can do and things never to try while running your business for positive feedback and steady growth. We call it the DO’s and DON’Ts as an Entrepreneur.

DO’s as an entrepreneur:

Self-discovery: this is the most important thing to do when starting something new. Often times, we do things based on the influence of people around us. It’s important to discover yourself and what business you have passion for and zeal to push through because that’s what YOU want and not what others are doing.

Start up with the right mind set: Mind set is everything and it is important to start your business with a positive one.

Have a clear target market: while planning or running your business, you should have a vision which in view of your audience. This requires research and information’s to be certain the market audience and how to get their attention to your product.


Don’t dwell on the wrongs for long: it is alright to acknowledge wrong deeds and what comes with it but take corrections and move on so as to avoid such in coming times.

Don’t have the do it yourself mindset: it is alright to run your business by yourself but networking and consulting is an important part of growth. If you want growth, you will have to network and meet the right people.

Don’t be in a hurry to skip steps: growth is a step by step process and the requires patience. If you must start a business, you have to be patient to see growth happen in line with your handwork.

There are a lot more relative once which includes the setting achievable goals, planning for long term future, selecting the right team members without sentiment to mention but a few. if you are thinking of starting your business or already started, inculcate these things and see clarity and changes occur.



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