Food Security: FG inaugurates sub-national food systems board

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On Thursday, the federal government unveiled the Subnational Food System Dashboard. The goal of this dashboard is to provide information that can inform the president’s policy decisions and measure the obstacles to improving food systems for national development. The Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Security, Senator Sabi Aliyu Abdullahi, shared this news during his inauguration ceremony in Abuja. He emphasized that the dashboard would help in transforming food systems in every state in Nigeria.

food system
Aliyu-Abdullahi stated that the policy dashboard aims to inform stakeholders and prioritize actions. it serves as a guide for policymakers and businesses, encouraging positive change and informed decision-making to enhance food systems. The dashboard also provides an integrated database for researchers to conduct further research, leading to better insights for future policy decisions. Moreover, it fosters collaboration and synergies between different elements of the food system.

“More than just a data repository, the Dashboard is intended to serve as a guide for Nigeria’s policymakers and businesses at national and local levels, becoming a catalyst for positive change. “This will ensure informed decisions are made to improve food systems and allow civil society to hold different stakeholders to account.
“This dashboard will also provide researchers in Nigeria and abroad with an integrated database to conduct further research that will enhance the insights needed for future policy decisions.”
“Furthermore, this dashboard serves as a platform to foster collaboration and synergies between different elements of the food system.”
food value chain
Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture also announced that the dashboard is linked to the Global Food System Dashboard, which analyzes data for public and private purposes nationally and globally.

He said the dashboard comprises 99 indicators that have been carefully identified and considered to provide a comprehensive overview of all levels of Nigeria’s food system.

“Based on a thorough diagnosis of the data collected by the dashboard, each state will be provided with a list of proposed policies and decisions.
“These actions have the potential to improve food systems and advance national development efforts.”
The minister also disclosed that the FG has already developed food system profiles for some states, which he said will help in lobbying to engage key decision-makers in transforming Nigeria’s food system.

He added that this would also provide a map of potential areas for new business opportunities and investments in food system transformation.
He stated that the price and affordability of a healthful eating regimen and eating regimen polity, which are key signs from the dashboard, have been followed to enhance nutrients and meal safety within the country.

Policy improvement
According to Dr. Micheal Ojo, the Country Director for Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Nigeria, explains that the dashboard can provide crucial evidence-based policy to inform policies and decisions on food safety. This will allow researchers, academics, and students to easily access comprehensive data to identify and analyze insights and emerging trends in Nigerias food system.
Moreover, business leaders and marketers can use the dashboard to identify areas for investment and spot industry trends and advancements to improve financing mechanisms. The dashboard will also provide data for baseline research and reports for government, p[policy analysts, data agencies, and partners
Additionally, the dashboard will assist policymakers in identifying and prioritizing interventions needed to achieve the right level of impact in transforming the country’s food systems without disrupting the dynamics of the markets in Nigeria.

“Business leaders and marketers can perceive regions for funding and spot enterprise greater than era improvements and enhance financing mechanisms.
“The dashboard will offer data for baseline research and reviews for government, coverage analysts, facts agencies, and assist partners.
“It will assist policymakers to perceive, and prioritize interventions had to acquire the proper degree of influences in remodeling the country’s meals structures without disrupting the dynamics of the markets in Nigeria,”.



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