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With current trends and over time. Nigerians have developed and been exposed to technology, but technology has evolved from surface technology to in-depth analysis of technological trends.

Because it deals with software analytics, technology is more complex than we realize. As a young Nigerian trying to break into tech, here are four tech roles to help you get started quickly.


Software is essentially a set of instructions for a machine. These programs must be created and tested by software developers to ensure that they satisfy user and customer requirements. Also, they are in charge of keeping an eye on, testing, and improving the quality and performance of the current software as needed.
It is typical for software developers to have training in programming, either through formal school or work experience. By taking online courses and gaining experience, it is feasible to develop this skill set without having a degree in computer science, but in order to succeed in this sector, you must be a quick learner with excellent quantitative and analytical abilities.


On every device, app, or website, the point of human-computer contact is referred to as the user interface. This includes the webpage you are currently viewing as well as your home screen, Instagram feed, and other accounts! A user interface will probably be there whenever you use any kind of computer. Anything you see and interact with, both visually and functionally, is created by UI designers.
The visual design of user interfaces is created by UI designers. Yet unlike a painter, UI designers also need to consider how users will interact with the interface in addition to the visual components of their designs.
Their ultimate objective is to make their interfaces “user-friendly,” thus they spend a lot of time prototyping, ensuring that their designs are consistent throughout the entire company, and analyzing the effects of various design decisions on user behavior. To ensure sure their designs are compatible with the finished product, they also collaborate closely with engineers.


The responsibility of a digital marketer is to comprehend consumers and the self-perceptions they hold. Digital marketing managers advertise through new media channels like social networks, email, and blogs rather than in magazines and on the radio, and they track their results with quantifiable data. Attracting people and turning them into clients is the responsibility of a digital marketer. It requires evaluating and analyzing what works and what doesn’t in order to effectively promote in the digital environment.


The process of establishing the experience a person would have when dealing with a company, its services, and its goods is known as user experience design (UX design). Instead of being influenced by aesthetic preferences and opinions, design decisions in UX are frequently guided by research, data analysis, and test findings. UX design includes all facets of how a user perceives their interaction with a product or website, as opposed to user interface design, which focuses primarily on the design of a computer interface. These facets include usability, utility, attractiveness, brand perception, and overall performance. Customer experience, which includes all facets and phases of a customer’s experience and interaction with a business, also includes user experience design.



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