Here is how you can make money off Youtube

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Social media enables businesses to directly reach and engage with their customers and target markets. If you have the right skills, you can launch a successful social media business. A fast rising and prominent source of income is becoming a YouTuber. Individuals all around the world have started careers around Youtube, making it their source of income and livelihood. The question is how are they able to survive from just Youtube?

YouTube is where many people, maybe even your parents, look for advice, DIYs, tutorials, vlogs, how-to videos, etc. Want to learn how to change your oil, play guitar, or rewire a light switch? YouTube has it. A YouTuber is also known as a YouTube personality or influencer. They have gained popularity based on the content they produce on their YouTube channel. What you make on YouTube is based on the number of views you get – more views equal more money. The average YouTuber will make $3-$5 per 1,000 video views.

Ways Youtubers make money

  • Ad-revenue: Google places ads on your videos, and they keep 45% of the ad revenue. The more viewers or subscribers you have, the higher your chances are that someone will click on an ad. Because of click-through rates on ads, you can expect to earn around $0.01 per click or less. And, it’s not like you start getting a penny here and there deposited into your bank account once you start earning money on YouTube – YouTube pays out when you reach a balance of $100.
  • Affiliate income: YouTubers earn money through affiliate links by reviewing a product or service and promoting it to their audience. YouTubers receive a special link that tells a company which channel customers are coming from, and if a sale is made, the YouTuber will earn a percentage of that sale. YouTubers use affiliate networks to apply for and find affiliates that work for their audience. Just like affiliate marketing for bloggers, it’s important to promote products and services that are relevant and actually helpful to your audience. The number of subscribers you’ll need to qualify for affiliate programs varies, but it’s safe to say that you’ll need several thousands.
  • Sponsorships: With higher levels of subscribers, YouTubers can start earning money with brand partnerships and sponsorship deals. Depending on your success, you can either reach out to brands, starting with smaller ones, or have brands reach out to you. Just like with affiliate income, you’ll need to focus on only working with companies who are a good fit with your audience. It’s all about trust, and if you break it, you’ll lose viewers. 
  • Merchandise: Reaching the point where you’re making money on YouTube with merchandise means you have built a successful brand with thousands of loyal and adoring fans. You could sell shirts, stickers, bags, hats, etc. featuring your unique logo or slogan.

So, thinking of starting a Youtube career? You are making the right choice



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