How Can I Manage My Small Business Effectively?

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Marketing your small business efficiently is one of the many ways you can achieve success for your business, there are over a thousand ways you can market your brand, product and services and technological advancement has made it easier. The various marketing strategies are ever changing and the best way to ensure growth is to stay on top of the trends, and find out which mix fits perfectly with the brand goal and ensures profit at the end. Here are 5 ways you can market your small business effectively:

1. Use Social Media
Having a social media pressure is one of the major ways to ensure business growth, reason why is because you can find your audience there (wherever it is they frequent); brand awareness can also be built along with reaching prospective clients, connecting on a more personal level with your client base and many other aspects. True social media marketing is about the engagement and not just the posting of pretty pictures for view.

To ensure active engagement, consistency is necessary; not just consistency but intentional about posts to answer any question that may arise from your audience, also responding to enquiries or comment quickly to affirm your connection.

2. Create a Blog
A consistent, high quality and unambiguous blog is one of the major ways to drive traffic to a business website. Content creation not only improves your search rank and visibility but also ensures your brand is portrayed and internalized as expert level. It isn’t just enough to write the content to your website but also draw the right attention to it but publishing on high traffic sites such as Medium and Quora. These platforms have a high reach, it is important to know which content draw the most attention: problem solving, guidance/informative or entertaining.

3. Use Video Content
Having a strong backing as 52 percent of marketing professionals claim video content has the best ROI for any business. It can be as easy as starting out with your smartphone if you don’t have the resources to buy video equipment, so far the video quality is good then (IT’S A START). A figure of on-third internet make use of (Youtube) – a video based content platform; in this new digital age all you need is to develop skills to push out engaging and informative content about your business which will drive action on the part of the viewer.

4. Optimize Your Website
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most frightening and powerful tool for any business or brand.
but when you know how to leverage SEO, it can be quite helpful for website traffic, lead generation, and business growth. SEO is a long-term strategy that can provide positive results. In order to generate organic leads, it’s important that you research and identify industry-specific keywords and integrate them into your website content ( landing pages, blog posts, emails, meta tags, and social media posts).

5. Collaborate
To increase reach it is always a great idea to get a little help from friends; Instagram influencers and other micro-influencers can also be of help because they always have over a thousand followers to millions and for a range of prices they can give your business a shout-out, share a discount code and promote your service or product to their followers. It is important to find influencers who are relevant within your niche; an example is collaborating with bloggers who write content that is relative to your business and the product/service it offers so they can post your approved content with a backend link to your website or business page.



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