How to Deal With Negative Emotions and Stress

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This is a common problem for many people: just how are we supposed to deal with negative emotions that keep coming up when we’re stressed or hurt? Should we stuff our anger and frustration away and pretend it doesn’t exist, so we can minimize the fallout from these emotions? Or should we risk making things worse by saying or doing the wrong thing? As it turns out, “stuffing emotions” is definitely not the healthiest option and there are easy techniques that anyone can use.

Regular exercise can provide an emotional lift as well as an outlet for negative emotions.
Meditation can help you find some inner “space” to work with, so your emotions don’t feel so overwhelming.
Finding opportunities for having fun and getting more laughter in your life can also change your perspective and relieve stress.
Find a few of these outlets, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed when negative emotions do arise.

You will also want to practice healthy options for ongoing stress reduction. Give them a try and you’ll feel less stressed.

If you’ve wondered what to do with these feelings, however, you are not alone in struggling with negative emotions. Many people have the same question about stress and coping. When they feel overcome with negative emotions like hurt, frustration or anger, they know they shouldn’t pretend they feel nothing, but they also don’t want to dwell on negative feelings and ruminate. But while most of us have heard that these are not healthy strategies for stress relief, what other options are there?

You are right that ignoring feelings (like “stuffing your anger”) is not the healthiest way to deal with them. Generally speaking, that does not make them go away but can cause them to come out in different ways. That’s because your emotions act as signals to you that what you are doing in your life is or isn’t working.




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