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Quite some people today feel the world is becoming increasingly stressful and difficult to grasp and cope with, both privately and in business. They see the world getting more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and experience a constant pressure to perform.

For entrepreneurs this is a challenge. They need to constantly keep up with what is going on in their markets and broader environment. But they also need to keep their cool and follow their own path. After all, they can’t respond to everything happening around them, can’t allow themselves to fully stress

How do they do this? How do entrepreneurs deal with the stressful environment they face today?

Here are seven ways entrepreneurs can deal with stress.

  1. Accept that things can be uncertain and overwhelming.

There is no point in denying this or pretending you are always in control. Also, accept that you get stressed and that you can’t solve everything

  1. Adjust your expectations.

Realize that feeling stuck or that things are uncertain and out of control is just as much a product of what you expected beforehand as of how things really are. Adjust your picture and aspirations so that they are more in line with reality.


  1. Stay alert, adapt and act fast. 

Be like a firefighter, always be prepared to act instantly in case something unexpected—good or bad—happens. Monitor things closely and have a plan B ready in case plan A might not work.


  1. Focus on something else.

When feeling stuck in one project or with one problem, leave it for a while. Work on something else or let your mind rest for a moment.


  1. Be your true and whole self.

Stay authentic, don’t pretend and don’t do things that are supposedly right or healthy but that don’t fit you. Don’t put a lid on your feelings of stress. Your team will notice it anyway when you pretend. And start liking yourself for who you are.

6. Put yourself in the shoes of others.

Ask yourself how others would respond. This could be someone in the company or outside, but also your three-year-old daughter or the company mascot. This changes perspective and it also helps you be more empathic to how others experience something.

7. Create an organization that functions without you. 

Even though it can be very hard to delegate and let things go, create a team and organization that doesn’t need you. This reduces your stress level and it also reduces the impact that your stress has on the company.




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