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If you wish to leave the life of your dreams, sometimes working a 9-5 is just not enough. The minimum wage in Nigeria at the moment is still being delegated on, what do people have to do in order to make extra money as they still participate actively in their daily jobs? Below are some jobs workers can engage in to have another stream of income

  1. Writing & Copywriting: If you love writing, you can very easily offer a content writing side hustle. Most businesses online need copywriters, and there are ALWAYS jobs available if you know where to look. Join content writing groups on Facebook and other social platforms and you can get gigs there.
  • Social media management: Turn your hobby into a money-making hobby -seriously.

Anyways, those data you burn monthly, consuming and posting on social media can fetch you fetch a decent income.

Study social media marketing/managing and render the services to business owners, celebrities that don’t know much about promoting or managing their social media platforms.

As long as they know social media can be a goldmine for their businesses, they’ll pay you well. Just one client ONLY can pay you a minimum of ₦20,000 monthly! And no one said you should stop at one.

  • Editing and proofreading: There are many people who create blog posts, articles, eBooks, scripts, stories, projects documents, etc. These contents, however, need proofreaders and editors to improve their qualities.

If you’re fluent in English language and you are skilled at using software packages like MS Word and Grammarly, editing and proofreading wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Proofreading is about correcting topographies, punctuations, grammars, and spellings. On the other hand, editing has to do with enhancing the quality and engagement of a document. This includes the style, structure, clarity, and reference.

  • Video Editing: Video Editing is a lucrative business which you can do on the side. Every day is a celebration, event or something worth recording. Often times videographers get to lazy to edit and so to contract it out to freelancers. You charge based on how good you’re and how you can deliver.

Website where you can get video editing jobs include ViEdit , MOFILM, Uscreen, Tongal, And Mandy.

  • Tutoring: Tutoring basically involves coaching young students in certain subject areas, and helping them achieve better grades at school. Students of all ages need tutors for math, science, foreign languages, etc., so if you did well at a particular subject at school – or if you happen to speak a foreign language, this might be for you. With most tutors earning around an extra N30,000 monthly, tutoring is a great way to earn some extra money out-of-hours, and it is also a job that comes with a feel-good factor. If you’re skilled in a certain area, then why not help others succeed in school?
  • Website Design: Web designing is a very lucrative business. It is now gaining more attention in Nigeria today because businesses are now realizing how important it is to build an online presence.

Website designing is a great technical skill you can render as a side hustle and, eventually, turn into a serious full-time job.

If you find where your service is needed and market yourself well, you will earn a very good income for designing people’s websites.

You can make as much as ₦300,000 monthly. But you have to learn this skill. Website design isn’t one of the side hustles you can wake up tomorrow morning and start without knowledge.

  • Real Estate Brokerage:  You can make 10% of the price of renting or buying a property, just by connecting property owners with buyers or tenants. I was speaking to a guy who had a property for sale from a “distressed owner”. Things had been very difficult for him until he got into the business a year ago. He goes to estate agents (especially those stuck in the past, and have no idea about advertising online) and gets a list of their properties for sale and for rent. He then puts them on as well as a private WhatsApp group. When a sale is made, he gets a 10% cut, whether it’s rent on a ₦500,000 property, or sale of a ₦5m property. The only capital required is your data subscription and a bit of legwork to begin with.
  • Buying and selling (mini importation): Talk of shoes, sneakers, bags, jewelry, wristwatches, phones, laptops, other electronic gadgets, books, t-shirts, gowns, etc. The numbers of things you can choose from and start selling are almost limitless. In fact, you can do mini-importation. Buy goods at ridiculously low prices from China and sell them twice or thrice the amount!

Students love to look great and use classy items. So, find something useful to sell and market your items. People will surely buy from you. At least, this doesn’t require you to learn anything other than how to make profits from buying and selling.



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