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What would the world be like if you, I and a couple of others have a ton of ideas as well as solutions that will make the life of others easy and organized but without a platform or means to put it out there for people to use? Unnerving right!

While everyone may have their different opinions as regards this new age, it is no news that the world has gone digital! The process of seeking for information and obtaining it has been made so easy it’s literally at everyone’s fingertips. Right here is the power of software application.


Do you just sit and randomly wonder where IOS, GOOGLE, APPLE MUSIC and the likes all come from, how it is being managed and improved subsequently? Well, it isn’t magic their software developers are just really good! Software developers really make a lot of cool cash from programming and designing applications and they are the most sort after in the digital world.
Software development is the process programmers use to build programs. The goal of these programs is to build products that meet technical specifications, diversity and user requirements. There are 3 main types of software development,

  1. System software. These are the in-built software that computers use to translate input commands into readable languages.
  2. Application software. This software is majorly used to perform tasks. Examples are your internet browsers.
  3. Programming languages. This software is generally used by programmers for coding such as JAVA AND PHP.

Oladokun Oluwasegun.

Serial internet entrepreneur, Software developer, winner of 25under25 awards in the technology category.

CEO Shegs Technologies limited, CEO Learnali -one of the fastest growing massive open online course platforms in Africa with over 14,000 users.

“One of the biggest lessons I have learnt as an entrepreneur is that there is never going to be the right time to start. Every moment is an opportunity to carry on”

We are in the business of technology and that gave my team and I leverage to operate beyond our locality. I am proud to say we currently have users from 14 countries and we have been able to go into partnership and collaboration with big organizations like IBM, CERTNEXUS, SHECODEAFRICA etc

Regardless of the state of the economy, we keep on looking for better ways to give more value to our users. If the value is there, they will pay for it. The tools we provide to optimize learning for individuals, schools and organizations has helped us beat competition because we understand our market and environment better, we have a team of dedicated professionals who are relentless in their commitment to see a better online learning system fitted for the African society.

Artificial intelligence is the most flawless and sort after solution to the basic needs of society and this is where Learnali comes in to bridge the gap by providing access to quality education taught by professionals and global accredited bodies in order to raise job-ready individuals in the society.

“You can never be successful alone. As such, on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur you have to create quality relationships with people who can help you get to the top”

I believe by now the real question is – why shouldn’t you consider software development as an entrepreneurial skill? Until next time…



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