It’s A New Day For The Aviation Industry

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A partnership that has been in the works since 2013 between the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Aviation (AVA) and Odengene Air Shuttle Services Limited (OAS) has brought about a big change in the Aviation industry as top grade helicopters, ADA’s AW139S helicopters descended in Lagos and are ready to be of service to the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

The helicopters arrived on a cargo plane in December 2020 and have since been in the process of preparing for new opportunities in Nigeria. Captain Evarest Nnaji, the well renowned local aviation business owner and chairman of Odengene Air-Shuttle Services (OAS) took the chance to partner with ADA and bring forth innovative ideas and plans for the Nigerian aviation industry and will be highly recognized for doing so.

Various other international and local partnerships have ended but this partnership has not wavered since its inception and this is nothing but a true testament to the transparency, integrity, hard work and dedication shown by OAS and Captain Evarest Nnaji in the indigenous aviation industry.

The next step in the dynamic partnership has yet to be disclosed but all eyes are open to see what great news comes next because as the Operations director of ADA stated “This is the start of a new chapter in Africa”.

This is just one of the disclosed partnerships of OAS Helicopters and we can’t wait to uncover more.



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