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It’s a joy to know that some schools have now adopted entrepreneurial studies in their academic curriculum. Students are taught various vocational skills and business ethics. It is very important, especially with the rate of unempoyment in the country. Entrepreneurship skills instilled in children could lead to the following benefits:

1. A better work ethic

It should come as no surprise that young children develop a better work ethic when they’re surrounded by entrepreneurship. They experience business operations first hand. Whether they’re filing papers and stuffing envelopes or taking notes, you quickly understand the value of hard work if you’re thrown into the middle of it.

2. Stronger appreciation for money

One of the biggest benefits of teaching  children about entrepreneurship is that it gives them a stronger respect for money. Some children might believe you if you told them money grows on trees, but those who are exposed to business operations know better.

3. Creative thinking

Starting and expanding a business isn’t easy. Problems inevitably arise, and it’s up to you to fix them, and keep the firm moving in the right direction. Instead of hiding challenges and setbacks from your children, you should expose them directly to what’s happening. Not only will their unique input help, but you’ll show them what it looks like to think creatively.

4. Improved people skills

The beauty of working in a small business is that you’re forced to interact with unfamiliar individuals on a daily basis. This will significantly foster a child’s communication skills and, in most cases, turn him or her into a better marketer/entrepreneur down the road.

5. Better goal setting

The value of setting and achieving goals isn’t something that easily registers with children. Children are known for starting something and then moving on without finishing it. Somewhere between the excitement of embarking on an adventure and the pleasure of arriving at the finished product, the average child gets bored and loses his or her sense of purpose. If you spend extra time with  children in an entrepreneurial setting, where goals are clear and courses of action are constantly being developed and pursued in order to reach those goals, you can accelerate the rate of academic socialization and give your child a head start.



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