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The holiday season is usually the busiest time for many entrepreneurs, having a good marketing plan in place will help you gain new customers and grow your brand. We have outlined some tips to help you make the most of the holidays:



This is not the time for your website to crash or be slow, a seamless web experience will encourage shoppers to keep shopping and recommend your business, Jumia and Konga stock basically the same products, at the end of the day, and it is the service that will keep people coming back. Small ecommerce companies can’t afford to lose this kind of business during such a busy season, so address any lags or missing features on your website and identify potential sales trends for the season. You should also make sure your website is mobile optimized for holiday shoppers.



Many small e-commerce brands now offer same say delivery and free shipping, and this is usually a trend during the holiday season, this trend has made consumers’ expectations to rise. It is important to think about realistic ways to offer low pricing on shipping, and to ensure that your deliveries are seamless and get to the customers before the holidays. Retailers with brick-and-mortar locations may want to consider adding an in-store-pickup option.



Unfortunately, some customers only buy from you during sales, as a result, businesses are now being advised to target loyal customers during their sales. Segment your customers carefully, and target them during any sales or promotions you may be carrying out.



Social media is a vital part of any marketing campaign. If you don’t market on social during the holiday season, you are missing an abundant number of potential customers. Try to maintain a balance and ensure that the deals are in line with the holiday season, and go well with the platform you are publicising it on.



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