Meet Adegoke Adetutu; Building A Skincare Business

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Adegoke Adetutu is a certified Human Resource personnel from the University of Ilorin and an accountant from Lagos State Polytechnic, she is also a beneficiary of the Cherrie Blair Foundation for Entrepreneur Development Center (EDC) of the Pan Atlantic University, she is the 2019 Award winner of the Nigerias 25under25 Entrepreneur Awards in Skincare Category and also won best entrepreneur 2018 in her faculty during her undergraduate days.

Her journey into skincare began during her schooling days with the passion to make available affordable yet effective skincare products and services for all class and to ensure good skin is

achievable hence she founded YouGlow Naturals with the mission to provide solutions to skin challenges and to give the skin that soft, clear, even, smooth, doting look and

natural GLOW. they are currently in 6 states of Nigeria which includes; Lagos, Oyo, Kwara and Abuja, Kano, Our products contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (Acid), Betacarotene, Hydraulic acid and several Botanical ingredients that REJUVENATE the skin and then gives it a better look.

Q: Since when have you been in this business

A: I started in November 2017.

Q: Why did you start it?

A: Hmmmmm, this is a long story but I will try and make it short. So someone very dear to me had really been on my neck to have a business. He claimed I have an entrepreneurial mindset that I need to explore it and make it known to people. While he was seeing entrepreneurial somebody, me I was seeing myself as just a career person. Business wasn’t really my thing. This person kept talking about it and I kept insisting. One of the long holidays when I was in 300level. I went home and my sister introduced Castor oil to me, so I started using it and lo and behold I started seeing the result in my hair growth. I was really fascinated about and I was ready to sell the oil the next session.

I asked God the way forward and producing of cream, soap, serums and other skincare products were added at the long run (after reading of bookings, self training and Online Training as well). And YouGlow Naturals was born

Q: What satisfies you the most about your business?

A: My Satisfaction is what God told me before I started the business. He made a promise to me and He has been keeping it which is why I have great feedback from most of my customers.

Another one is bringing back self confidence to people of one skin challenge or the other has been my satisfaction.

Finally, providing good and natural products for all kind of people without having them break the bank to purchase them also gives me satisfaction.

Q: What essential skills do you think every young entrepreneur should develop?

A: Human Relation skills is a must have for every entrepreneur. You just have to know how to relate with people to get what you really want to achieve for your business. Don’t just be nice to your customers. People that co-work with you need to be treated well, if not your market no go sell😂

Q: So how do you create a balance in the midst of all you do?

A: For me creating balance is writing a To-do List and getting it done. This helps me to manage my time and I am able to achieve more. And of course God is the giver of strength and ability to do work

Q: Tell us, how did you win the 25 under 25 award?

A: Chei! How I won can just only be God and people God has surrounded me with. I made up my mind when I saw Kiki Osinbanjo as one of the Nominees for the same award, that I will just go to the ceremony to network and meet new friends . But God is faithful.

Q: Give some advice to your sixteen year old self

A: Never take anybody for granted.

Q: What’s your watchword for business?

A: Don’t loose the reason and passion why you start the business. Don’t loose your integrity for profit.

Thank you Adetutu

Written by Rotimi Peters; Rotimi Peters (Oluoti) is a Content Creator and also an E-commerce developer & Strategists with Full Stack Development skills, he is also a social entrepreneur with various initiatives that provides solutions to various social challenges using technology as a tool, he founded Digital-Cr8,CIT, Velorapid and Earthnov8ive : IG: @rotimi.peters Twitter: @rotimipeters1 08162870959



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