Meet Elizabeth Okogun Of Zinnovation Sports

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1. Please tell us about zinovation sports?
Zinovation Sports is a Sports Management firm that renders Talent Management, Consultancy and Advisory services. with the aim to promote Sports Inclusion for sustainable development.

2. Can you explain what the zinovation sports community is about?
Zinovation Sports community is a platform that promotes Sports participation across different age groups from 18 months and above. The platforms consist of Athletes, parents, sports service providers and also people interested in off-field sporting careers.

3. What does it mean to be a sports advocacy?
Sports Advocacy means spreading the gospel of sports, that is, to support and promote the power of sports in the society.

4. How can sports help to achieve sustainable development in Nigeria?
The rise in general participation in sports will lead to achieving Good health, Quality education, Gender equality, economic growth and peace.

5. What is responsible for the stunted growth of the sports industry in Nigeria?
The sports industry in Nigeria has been stunted due to majority not perceiving sports as a contributor to the economy and seeing Sports majorly as participatory, Nigeria lacks infrastructure, funding, events, legislation and policies.

6. Football is the most popular sports in Nigeria, what other sports do you think Nigeria needs to harness apart from football and why?
Football is not the only sport harnessed in Nigeria, we are currently active is many other sports on the international scene, even Bobsled which we participated in for the 1st time in the 2018 winter Olympics. I think all we need is more participation and media coverage of the other sports.

7. How do you make your sports community appealing in order to encourage people to join the community?
We always emphasize on the benefits of sports and how exciting it is.

8. Do you play any sports?
Yes, I am a former 100m and 200m athlete, I currently play flag football, in short, I play for team Vortex on the Shitsuke Flag football League

9. To a large extent sports has to do with creativity, how do you come about new sports ideas to engage kids?
I have 3 wonderful kids who help validate my ideas, Kids love outdoor activities, so I think of ways to teach them things while being active.

10. Where do you see zinovation sports in 5 years from now and what are the long term/short term goals for zinovation sports?
In the next 5 years, Zinovation Sports will be the go-to sports company for anyone interested in participating in sports at any point in their life.

11. What has been your biggest challenge in starting zinovation sports and how have you been able to overcome it?
Anxiety, fear of rejection hindered me from selling my products, especially a sports product, I was not sure my idea would be accepted by anyone, I decided to be my number one supporter, so I had to believe in myself, I had to be more confident, because I had only myself to sell my product.

12. What is your advice for upcoming sports advocates/reporters/bloggers?
Believe in your passion but have a skill.

13. In what areas do you think the government can improve on sports so as to make it more appealing for the younger generation?
The government can help us with clear cut legislation and policies to support the growth of the Sports industry, with this, the country will be more appealing to investors and we can build more facilities, increase sports participation on and off the field.



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