Meet the Big Brother Naija ALL-STAR housemates

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The highly anticipated season eight of Big Brother Naija is back and as an all-star edition, the new season features housemates from previous seasons. Here is a snippet of the housemates and the last time they were featured in the show.

1)SEE GOBE [season 2]

 URIEL is a businesswoman, food blogger, content creator, fitness and lifestyle coach, and CEO. She described her confidence to be 150 percent ready for the show and that she’s more focused than the last time she was on the show. she plans to bring positive energy and good vibes

SOMA is an actor, influencer, model, artist, movie producer, and songwriter. He said he’s bringing nothing but vibe, energy, and drama and that he is more outspoken than the way he was on the previous show.

2]DOUBLE WAHALA [ season 3]

CEECEE is a lawyer, businesswoman, and CEO of two brands. She’s one of the most controversial housemates of all time and is back on the show to win the money as said during her entry speech. She claims to understand people better now as opposed to the previous show in 2018

ALEX is a filmmaker, creative director, influencer, writer, and model. She says she is more confident in herself than ever and that she’s in the show to win the money and that she is the main event.

PRINCESS is a fashion and beauty entrepreneur. She described how the previous show exposed her strength and weakness and that she’s ready to go on another ride this time

3] PEPPER DEM [season 4]

MERCYEKE is a media personality: actress, AMVCA winner, a brand influencer, and the WINNER of the Pepper dem season. The queen of highlight as described by her fans says she’s back to the show to win again. In her words, “Winners don’t stop winning, I have done it before and I will do it again”.

IKE is an actor, host, award-winning entertainer, and artist. He says he’s more focused than the last time and won’t let himself get distracted from winning the game

SEYI is an actor, model, entertainer, and TV host. he says he’s back to the show to enjoy himself and all that Biggie has in stock for him

VENITA is an actor, 2-time AMVCA nominee, and CEO of two brands. She says she’s back to the house in a more logical and tactical way and that she’s ready to wrestle the bull to the ground

FRODD is a PR/tech guru, investment analyst, and a soon-to-be DAD. he says he’s ready to be friendly, and nice, be the king of content, and give it hot to anyone that deserves it. He revealed the gender of his child and showered his wife with words of affirmation.

4]LOCKDOWN [season 5]

TOLANIBAJ is a youtube, actress and CEO. She expressed her excitement n being on the show and that she will be bringing, pepper, spice, and everything nice to this new season

KIDDWAYA is a billionaire and public figure. He says he’s in the house to vibe, win the show, and share it with his fans. His strategy is being himself and real.

NEO is a lifestyle/fashion influencer and entertainer. he says he is in the show to vibe and be himself.

6]SHINE YA EYE [season 6]

WHITEMONEY is an artist, entrepreneur, media personality, and WINNER of the shine ya eye season. He says he’s here to change the narrative and that he’s going to keep doing what he loves doing

PERE is an artist, actor, entrepreneur, and producer. he says he knows exactly how to play the game better than he did in the previous season, His motivation for coming, aside from enjoying the show, is to show a completely different side the audience hasn’t seen. According to him, “If you cross my path, I will show you.”

ANGEL is a writer and one of the most controversial housemate during her set. Despite vowing never to return, Angel is back and bringing “gba gbos”. Revealing that she felt like the odd one out the last time, she returns to make more meaningful friendships. Her strategy is entertainment, fun and just being herself.

CROSS is an entertainer, lifestyle, and fitness entrepreneur. he says he’s in the house to have fun and that he’s not loosing any chance of winning the show

7]LEVEL UP [season 7]

ILEBEYA is a model and a Gen Z Barbie [as described on her Instagram profile]. She says she’s back to the show to start from where she stopped from the previous season and that she’s going to play the game smoothly

DOYIN is a radiographer, host, and brand influencer. she says she likes the money attached to being on the show and the opportunity the show gives. shes not so clear on what she will do in the house but says she will figure while the show goes on

ADEKUNLE is a host, experienced aficionado, media personality, and brand influencer. he introduced himself as ”bad boy dex” and described himself as a confident, charming, and flirty person. He says he now understands the game and he is going to approach it as it is



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