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MEET ZAYYAD NASIDI, A graduate of Economics and Criminology from the University of Manchester, Zayyad went on to pursue a Masters degree in the University of Coventry with the knowledge and experience from both degrees, he went on and started ZNM ASSET a food processing/ real estate company.

He founded ZNM Foundation, an NGO identifying the needs and gaps within communities and working towards a workable solution.

ZNM FOUNDATION aims to effect and inspire positive changes within less privileged communities, focusing on 3 areas EDUCATION, WATER SUPPLY AND HEALTH.

Peter Oluoti

Rotimi Peters (Oluoti) is a Content Creator and also an E-commerce developer & Strategists with Full Stack Development skills, he is also a social entrepreneur with various initiatives that provides solutions to various social challenges using technology as a tool, he founded Digital-Cr8, CIT, Velorapid and Fruit Affairs Africa: IG: @rotimi.peters Twitter: @rotimipeters1 08162870959

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