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Hiring new staff can be difficult and tiring, you will be assessing potential staff, and they in turn will be assessing your firm, and wondering if it is truly the right fit for them. There are several mistakes to avoid when you plan to recruit new staff.

Avoid being too narrow in your search: One of the biggest mistakes is not having a diverse slate of candidates, this should be based on age, experience, background, race and gender. All these unique factors make organisations more successful, and grow and progress faster. With a diversified workforce, you stand a better chance of attracting different types of people who wouldn’t normally apply for positions at your company. It would be a mistake to look for your clone, or the clone of your team.

Trust first impressions: unfortunately, many people are judged during interviews, on whether they like your face or not, instead of judging their abilities and strengths. Realistically, you cannot tell how good a person will be, but it will help if you can eliminate first impressions. It’s so easy to assume that a firm handshake and good eye contact means someone is competent across the board, don’t use the interview to try to validate a good or bad snap judgment.

Lacking transparency: when a candidate is unaware of what the job entails, in terms of the adequate skills and traits, make a list of the role and responsibilities, alongside knowledge and experience, this will give you a clear idea of what you expect in a candidate.

Not having a clear hiring policy: one terrible mistake company’s make is not have a clear, written and outlined hiring process. You will need to know what is expected from the staff you plan to hire, and what they should expect from you. Make the selection wisely to pursue business growth while providing a positive work experience for the entire team.

Discuss Company Culture: it is important to discuss and highlight your company’s culture, this will help with your image in the long run, and all your staff will act accordingly, and even help showcase this culture.



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