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Culture is the way of life of a people, therefore company culture is the way a company operates and the manner in which their image is presented. Maintaining company culture is very key, and anyone working for you must speak the language of the company.

According to Forbes, company culture entails the company’s vision, norms, systems, language, assumptions, beliefs and habits; but company culture is not limited to that. Company culture is something employees come into and adapt themselves, and if the team is well put together, these employees can help modify and enhance this culture is more rewarding ways.

There are questions that many employers must regularly ask themselves, sort of like a culture audit, to find out if the culture is being maintained and what other ways this culture can be improved. Questions range from employees behaviour on the job and towards customers. Remember that culture is assimilated. For instance, if your employee sees you being rude to a customer, I can assure you that he would not do anything otherwise. One day he too will become rude and justify his actions by saying ‘’but the boss does it too’’. One must lead by example.

Employee training, is another way to help maintain company culture. Constantly training employees on conduct is a good way to go. These trainings could be in-house or externally conducted, whichever way, your employees must grow with you, and you must be able to see that change for the better in them. You must add value to your employees, or this could affect your company as a whole.


Other ways to maintain company culture is to always listen to your staff and have personal evaluations with them if it is a small company, big companies usually have HR departments for that. These evaluations will lead to staff member’s proffering some solutions or offering suggestion, please to open to them because some of them are quite reasonable.

People always talk about hiring wisely, but from experience some people just talk smart but never bring anything to the table. While hiring wisely is a good way to go, don’t rely on that, and that’s why many companies have probation periods.

Create a dream map that’s is open to your employees and from there they can create their work plan. This is very effective communication because your staff knows where you intend to take the company and they should creatively work to accomplish that.

Get your staff involved in decisions through a consensus, it could even be an anonymous poll so that employees can air their opinions without feeling like they are on the spot. Finally, from all that has been outlined above, what do you think is the best way to maintain and enhance company culture? COMMUNICATION.

You guessed right, communication is very key to a business, and it is even more relevant when it comes to maintaining company culture.



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