NIMC introduces self-service NIN registration app 

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In a move aimed at making the National Identification Number (NIN) enrollment process more accessible and convenient, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has introduced a self-service solution that allows Nigerians to register for their NIN using their smartphones. This revolutionary platform was officially unveiled during the 5th Identity Day celebration, a collaborative event hosted by the Commission and the Ministry of Interior in Abuja on a recent Saturday.

Identity’s Vital Role

During the platform’s launch, Abisoye Coker-Odusote, the Acting Director General/CEO of NIMC, underscored the pivotal role that identity plays within a nation. She emphasized that identity is far more than a mere card or number; it symbolizes individual existence, entitlements, and one’s place within society. According to her, it unlocks access to essential services, social benefits, and pathways to personal and economic growth. In her words, it stands as “a testament to our individuality while serving as a bridge to our shared humanity.”

NIN and National Security

Coker-Odusote also highlighted the critical importance of upholding the integrity and security of identity systems. She stressed the need for privacy and data protection principles to be at the forefront of identity management efforts. She remarked, “Above all, we must be inclusive, leaving no one behind as we endeavor to provide identity solutions for all.” Furthermore, she pointed out the potential of an efficient identity management system in bolstering national security efforts and providing substantial support to Nigerians, among other advantages.

The Rationale for Self-Service

Explaining the motivation behind the self-service platform, Coker-Odusote acknowledged the challenges faced by many ordinary Nigerians in the current NIN registration procedures. These challenges included extended wait times and delayed feedback after completing the registration. To address these issues, she stated, “Our objective is to facilitate easy access to registration from the comfort of your own home. For those without access to digital tools, you can visit the nearest NIMC office or reach out to any of our local front-end partners.”



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