NLC urges FG to prioritize youth employment

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This was said by  NLC President  Joe   Ajaello in a statement marking the 2023 International Youth  Congress in  Abuja on  Friday   10  August  2023.   Celebrated on   August 12th every year,   the theme of the day is  “Generational   Solidarity:   Building the  World for  All  Ages”.  “The rising unemployment rate in Nigeria is alarming as recent KPMG estimates have sounded the alarm that the unemployment rate is above the 40%  threshold,”   he said.  

He said the cost of living,  including recent spikes in petrol prices and accompanying tuition hikes, are having a  negative impact on young people.  “This prevents access to quality education,  especially for young people from poor backgrounds.  

 “Therefore,   out of solidarity with  Nigerian youth,  we urge the government to prioritize youth employment by providing systematic support for local production.  

“The informal economy and other  economic  value-adding   activities,  including  the   massive  strengthening  of  technical and vocational education  at all levels of  government.”  

 “There   is   also  active  cooperation   between  the private sector and development  partners.”  

He called on the federal government to continue to explore all possibilities for further developing the creative talents and productive skills of young people in order to accelerate the country’s development.  Ajaello said the NLC  is committed to addressing the challenges of youth as they are essential to the future of trade unions and nation-building.  The NLC president, therefore, said the theme for the  2023   event is appropriate and consistent with  Congress’  principles and aspirations for equality, shared prosperity, and inclusiveness. 

 “The  International Youth  Congress provides our country with an opportunity to think critically about issues of youth development and well-being,”  he said.  

NAN reports that in December 2009, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the year starting on   12   August  2010 as the  International   Year of  Youth,   urging governments, civil society, individuals, and communities around the world to adopt resolution   64/134   calling for action on   A   level that supports the international level,   a   level that honors events.  

 The  NAN also reports that the idea for the 1991  International Youth  Congress was proposed by young people gathered in Vienna,  Austria for the first meeting of the United Nations system’s   World   Youth   Forum.  The Forum recommended declaring an International Youth Day to partner with youth organizations and support the United Nations Youth  Fund,   especially for fundraising and publicity purposes. 



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