Post COVID-19 Capacity Development, FG Endorses SME100 Africa

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The Federal Government of Nigeria have endorsed the leading social enterprise in Africa; SME100 AFRICA to empower Nigerian entrepreneurs with the needed skills and development in their post-COVID19 capacity development project, this became necessary as the lingering effect of the pandemic is best felt/experienced by small and medium business owners, affecting both their market and source of income.

SME100 Africa is the business which provides the necessary skills, information and platform for young entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed in the different industries. With over 5 years in existence, this business has ensured that entrepreneurs despite their economic background have sustained businesses all across Africa. This initiative was derived out of the sheer desire to help support young entrepreneurs and ensure their businesses continue to thrive and succeed all across Africa.

The letter of endorsement which was dated 4th of December 2020, conveyed its message through the office of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment Abuja – Industrial Development Department, that the efforts of the organisation in developing and promoting young entrepreneurs have been identified and endorsed.

To this end SME100 Africa is looking to train 100,000 entrepreneurs in various skills such as digital marketing, financial management, Technology etc. in different states of Nigeria to improve and contribute to the GDP; SME100 Africa is therefore open to partnership and sponsorships from private, public, Government, international and local organizations who are willing to be a part of this ground breaking initiative. This capacity development will improve sustenance for the economic state of the country, give entrepreneurs the platform to grow their business and ensure more businesses survive the economic effects of the pandemic.

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