President Tinubu prepared to intervene in the Nigeria-UAE diplomatic rift personally

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The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Bola Ahmed Tinubu declares his preparation to personally intervene in matters affecting relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
He also instructed the authorities to immediately address the mentioned issues regarding visa issuance and Emirates Airlines.

The President’s Special Advisor for Public Affairs announced this in a press statement after meeting with the President and the UAE Special Envoy.
He explained that relations between the two countries are like brothers in the same family who regularly have problems that need to be resolved immediately.

He expressly referred to the need for an agreement on aviation and immigration issues affecting the country.

In his words, “We are a  UAE   family.  We live in the same house. We  just live in separate rooms.”  As you know, every family has its own characteristics.   there is.   We may have misled our sons and daughters, but we must work together. We need to agree on core aviation and immigration issues.  ”
In reply to the president, UAE Ambassador Salem Saeed Al-Shamsi said he considered himself Nigerian and was grateful for the president’s welcome. He explained:  “Since  I came to this country, I have worked on 24 agreements. I managed to get there.   Also,  I am very grateful to have met the great leader of Nigeria and Africa, His Excellency President Tinubu. Please accept me as a Nigerian and consider me part of your team. ”



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