Press Release: SME100Africa closes 25 under 25 award nomination portal.

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SME100AFRICA a trailblazing supporter of young SMEs and start-ups, celebrates the successful run of the 25 under 25 entrepreneurship award nomination portal and announces its closure.
For 3 months, the 25under25 entrepreneurship nomination portal served as a beacon of inspiration for the entrepreneur community, providing a platform to spotlight visionary leaders across various business industries.

Over the years, the portal has received thousands of nominations pouring in from all corners of Nigeria. Entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and sectors have been honored for their exceptional contributions to their industries and community, driving positive change and creating a lasting impact.

The SME100Africa team is immensely proud of the portal’s role in unearthing and celebrating the remarkable hard work of young entrepreneurs. Through the nomination received, the entrepreneurial spirit has shown brightly, underscoring the power of innovation and the potential for transformative solutions to today’s challenges.

The SME100 Africa 25under25 Awards is an award ceremony recognizing and celebrating micro and small businesses including start-ups that are transforming industries that impact millions of lives every day in Nigeria. Since 2015, our organization has been dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs, supporting innovators, and empowering changemakers to create a positive impact on society. Through our initiatives, we strive to build a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures and celebrates entrepreneurs on all platforms.

The 25 under 25 entrepreneurship award category includes the following: Social Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Art, Craft & Culture, Agriculture, Technology & Cyber Security, Education, Energy & Sustainability, Media & Communication, Sports, Creative Writing & Content Creation, Music, Manufacturing and Logistics, Hospitality & Tourism, Active Citizenship & Government Engagement, Beauty & Makeup, Event Planning, Food & Drinks, Professional Services, Health & Skincare, Software & Design, Environment & Interior Decoration, Finance & Financial Technology, Photography, E-commerce and Performing Arts.

The 2023 edition sets to be slated on the 16th day of September and will be held at TERA CULTURE featuring various artists, performances, special appearances, an after-party, and many more.



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