Prince Ilman A Past Nominee Of The 25under25 Awards & His Social Works Up-North

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Prince Ilman A Past Nominee Of The 25under25 Awards, he possess a Bachelors’ Degree in Biological Science, and numerous certificates in Piece building, social cohesion, GBV, countering violent extremism, and many more. He currently serve as Founder/Executive Director at Ingenta Rayuwa Peace Network (IRN), a Youth-led and survivor lead National Non-Governmental Organization that enhances sustainable peace attainment and also renders humanitarian response interventions. My choice for humanitarian work is not only natural but also as a result of my experience with the insurgency in Northeast Nigeria. In November 2014, This experience fuelled my passion for peace building and ever since, I have devoted my time, energy, and resources to humanitarian action and peacebuilding to foster peace in northern Nigeria.

What is your initiative about?

INGANTA RAYUWA PEACE NETWORK is a Youth-led / survivor-led National Non-Governmental Organization founded on 11th September 2016. At IRN, our core value is focused on Peace-building, countering violent extremism, and prevention of violence against children and women. However, we have in existence other areas of humanitarian intervention,

Why did you start it?
In November 2014, I was abducted by armed insurgents in Mubi, Adamawa State, and was lucky to be set free alive. This experience has fuelled my passion for peacebuilding, and ever since, I have devoted my time, energy, and resources to humanitarian action and peacebuilding to foster peace in northern Nigeria.

What has your experience been like thus far?
Currently, as a Program Manager at Inganta Rayuwa Peace Network (IRN), I have led the partnership with Atiku Center on the movement for “Women Against Violent Extremism (WAVE)”, a movement through which Atiku Center emerged the second position in the “Peer 2 Peer” Challenge at the global level and first at regional (Africa) level. Some of my major career highlights include:
Championed the Almajiri is also a Child Campaign campaign with 100,000 followers on social media and over 50 million reaches online and affected over 3000 Almajiri beneficiaries to present violent extremism. This has also engaged over 50 volunteers in over six northern states in Nigeria.
Provided leadership and policy guidance on all admiSMEsrative matters, such as evaluations, performance management, and logistics.
Currently leading programs at Into inganta Rayuwa Peace Network (IRN) a youth-led National NGO that enhances sustainable significant a risks attainment and also renders humanitarian response interventions.
Affiliated Inganta Rayuwa Peace Network (IRN) with the Peace Journalism Network awards can provide University of Nigeria, Yola), and coordinated and facilitated the realization of the “I am a Believer Peace Workshop”, and “I am a Believer Peace Radio Programme” which ran for two years.
Successfully coordinated data collection and entry for various Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and research activities at Nigeria Red Cross Society.

What are the challenges in your sector, and how do you manage them?

The major challenge has been resource mobilization and working with young people. As a youth advocate and peacebuilder bringing young people to the table is challenging, but with a clear strategy and communication achievement are recorded.

What is your advice to newbies in your line of business

As a young mentor with a good number of mentees, my information will forever remain” stay focus and be persistent in what you do overcome the storm and work in teams”.

Who are you outside your business?

I’m a young man who always lives in the moment and always encourages my self to be relaxed and give priority to my mental health, i love watching movies and being with friends and family.


How has COVID 19 affected your business?

COVID is a global pandemic we all are experiencing a lot of challenges. Still, the most affected to me is the limitation it brings to most of our activities and the economic effect it came along with. So many young men have or will lose their jobs, and that can also be a severe financial and mental health challenge.

What nurtured this passion?
This most be the support from family and friends.
Moral support. We all get from our loved ones can do wonders to our careers

Could you tell us about the importance of skills and networking in your field of business?
as a meticulous individual with a passion for excellence and my proven talents in data interpretation, community development, collective strategic unification, and performance optimization,

If you were to be an advocate for smebignriskseria, what are some of the conversations you would be drinking with respective authorities in regards to laying developmental structures?

Advocacy is my speciality and for excellent support to be carried out a need assessment most conducted.

The awards being, an entrepreneur, is one of the significant risks to take, what are some of the life lessons you have had to learn?

For me, failure is part of the success, and right now, I fail a lot of times, and close friends lose hope on me, and a lot of co-founders left. The challenges are numerous and massive, but my optimism is more significant.

13) If you were to nominate people for the 25 categories of the 25 under 25 awards, what are their full names and classification based on your list if you had your chance?

please do feel free to contact me for more information and i will be please to contribute technically or orderwise



a Youth-led National Non-Governmental Organization. Our core value is focused on PEACEBUILDING and COUNTERING VIOLENCE EXTREMISM.

However, we have in existence other areas of humanitarian intervention,




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