Revolutionizing ways of doing business

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Tech start-up has revolutionized the way corporate and businesses today do background verifications by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Formed by three US-studied young and innovative entrepreneurs, AI is disrupting the traditional background checks and identity verification industry by leveraging cutting-edge AI rather than doing it manually.

The AI scans millions of legal documents including court cases, orders as well as FIRs and is able to generate a candidate’s criminal record instantly. It can also verify the candidate’s employment history and automatically retrieve feedback from the past employers. All of this is monitored by a quality control layer composed of industry experts. On top of doing automated ID verifications for things like Aadhaar, Voter ID, etc. the AI can also detect if there has been any tampering of the submitted document through a software like Photoshop.

As soon as an employee is on board with a company, their background verification process is automatically triggered and all relevant documents are shared. The results of the verification can then be viewed in real-time on the HR software of the client. This has led to significant improvement in workflows.



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