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Founder and Executive Director of SME100 Africa, Charles Odii, was invited to speak at the Tech Summit Ogun 2019. The event which held at the Providence event centre and malls, Abeokuta will go on for 2 days; Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th June 2019. He was chosen for the panel session, “Scaling up; Ideation to Growth”. Alongside with other panellists such as Damilola Teidi-Ayoola, Mahasin Quadri, Rasaq Ahmed, Tobi Oke, Banky Ojulatayo, to speak on the topic.

He spoke on the challenges small businesses and start-ups face in Nigeria. He mentioned these two challenges; lack of quality talent and the myth which is access to finance being the sole need. He also stated that education and personal development bridge the gap between those who need the job and those who have it. He gave a viable example of a small business owner, subscribed to the SME100Africa community. They believed they needed access to finance of thirty-two million naira. After discussing business strategy, the business owner and SME100Africa business specialist concluded with a more direct target market and therefore reduced the need for as much money.

“Never share your trade secrets with anyone, especially your competitors” ~ Charles mentioned in response to a crowd contribution.

Trade secrets include ways in executing that idea, how to execute the idea and who is developing the technology.



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