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Actor and entrepreneur Beverly Naya, who was named by Forbes as one of the most promising
entrepreneurs in Africa under the age of 30, had a conference with the students of Wellsprings
College on 10th June 2019 to promote her new thought-provoking documentary titled “Skin”. Also, at
the conference the CEO and founder of SME100Africa, Charles Odii spoke on entrepreneurship and
encouraged the minors to start working towards their goals now.

He shared hard hitting statistics on the career sphere in Nigeria and an enlightening anecdote of his
personal experience starting his fashion business, Charles Byrne at the age of 15. Lastly, he engaged
them in an activity where they had to write what career paths they want to venture into. They were
asked to write down the skills needed to kick start, and how long their businesses would run for.







Beverly Naya covered the topics colourism and bulling addressed in her documentary, “Skin”, during
her talk with the young students. She told them an account of her bullying experience while she was
young. She further spoke on bullying and asked bullies to stop. The Skin trailer was played to the
children and they had varying reactions. She lastly engaged with the student encouraging self-love
and self-confidence in all their endeavours.

“No one is you and that is your power” ~ Beverly Naya’s last words during her talk at Well Springs

For additional information, please check out @skinthedocumentary and @bicommsng on Instagram
or contact Bilateral communications on 08177743650 or



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