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Many businesses are focused on targeting the younger and more technologically savvy generation, but many businesses are becoming aware of the older generation that is becoming social media and internet savvy as well, so why not target them as well? Targeting them may be a bit difficult because you may not know which platform is best to engage them on.

From our observations, Facebook may be the most engaging platform to target older customers, the Pew Research Centre states that 62% of internet users are ages 65 and older, and 72% of 50-64 year olds use Facebook. This generation don’t post their pictures or share information about themselves, rather they share the information they have received. When targeting them, you need to create content that is engaging and professional that they can relate with.

Facebook is the best platform as it gives businesses more credibility when it comes to targeting the older generation. This generation is not interested in being on several platforms, they are on Facebook and that seems to be enough for them.

Whatsapp is another adequate way to target older people, as many of them are beginning to chat and belong to groups on Whatsapp. As a business owner you can begin to form groups and share relevant information to them about your brand and any other information regarding. This generation is more patient with literature, and will take their time to read things. It is important to create content that is rich in information and is well packaged.

With Whatsapp you can either create a broadcast group (which I personally prefer), or create a formal group. Posting things on your Whatsapp status may not reach this audience. Another way to target the older generation is having a solid website that appeals to them and is very easy to manipulate. Also making use of models their age will also attract them to your campaign.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the older generation, many people think that they can’t access things that younger people do, but in reality they want to look, feel and dress younger, so it will be profitable to include them in your campaigns. This will make them feel welcome and a part of your brand.

Regardless of the platform you are using, it is important to know the audience you are targeting and understand the platforms that they favour, no matter their age.



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