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Following the recent trends in climate change and advocacy for the preservation of a healthy environment, we have seen the need to switch from non-renewable energy to clean and reliable energy sources.

Today, energy is climbing up the corporate agenda, due to sweeping environmental, social, and business trends that affect our climate. Thus, switching to renewable energy sources has been the new order of the day.

What better way to make this switch, if not with Greenforce Group?

Greenforce is an eco-friendly company that is dedicated to enhancing renewable energy solutions across Africa. As a company, the singular goal is to bridge the gap in Africa’s energy deficiency, through providing innovative and clean energy solutions to meet the needs of African households and businesses.

Greenforce group has analyzed the various issues plaguing us as a continent, ranging from poor infrastructure to illiteracy, and has identified energy as one of the reasons small and medium scale businesses do not operate optimally.

Consequently, energy and sustainability is a problem that Greenforce aims to solve by providing alternatives to depleted energy through renewable energy sources such as solar power. Through providing solutions to this problem, Greenforce group avails businesses the opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency thereby producing maximum results.

The brand mission is to drive availability, affordability and reliability of energy that optimizes production, commercial operations and basic living in Africa.

Finally, our efforts towards preserving our environment starts with us and our partnership with Greenforce group to make sure we are doing it the right way and with the right brand. Think clean energy, think Greenforce!



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