The Nigerian Senate on Thursday passed a new bill on gas flaring

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The Nigerian Senate on Thursday passed a new bill, which provided for penalties against gas flaring and other malpractices in the oil and gas sector. The last legislation on gas flaring, the Associated Gas Re-injection Act of 1979, came into force 40 years ago, and since then there has been no review or amendment of the Act despite its devastating effect on the host communities.
One of the highlights of the new Bill is that any licensee who supplies inaccurate data to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) or to any other lawful authority will be liable, upon conviction to a fine of ₦10 million or be committed to prison for a term of six months or both.
Other objectives of the Bill include ensuring that natural gas is not flared or vented in any oil and gas production operation, block or field, onshore or offshore, or any gas facility, which shall commence operations after the commencement of the Act.
For more on this Bill, please click the link in our bio.
Photo credit: AFP



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