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The Nigerian workplace is undergoing changes, company culture, office space and working hours are becoming more flexible and digital. Mobile network and social media is causing a huge cultural shift in the workplace. People are no longer tied to their office space as they were five years ago. We are shedding the desktop and clunky software in for systems and tools that give us the freedom to work with anyone.

The workplace of the future will be impacted in several ways:


The corporate world has shifted from office space to online meetings and work being done digitally. It’s more cost effective, and people spend money on power supply and internet facilities. The most recent workforce generation comprises of digital natives who have engaged with technology all their lives and are used to multitasking, and like to engage and collaborate with co-workers.


Today’s workers use many different technological tools to work together. For many organizations, email is still the primary method of communication, but this could change in the near future. There are countless start-ups focused on reimagining email inboxes, building real-time messaging for the workplace and tackling the challenge of weaving together disparate cloud services into a more unified experience. Coupled with machine learning technology that can analyse lots of data that would take a superhuman effort, decision makers are now apprised of more context than ever before, and served with educated recommendations by their artificial intelligence cohorts.


Collaboration has become the cultural goal of many companies today, and for good reason: A collaborative work environment leads to more productivity, creativity and innovation. Collaboration makes workers feel more connected to their colleagues and company, and allows them to build meaningful relationships that enhance their lives both professionally and personally.



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