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Are you a frequent flyer? Globetrotting for meetings and networking. If you are then, this article is right for you. We have outlined some tips to make your travel experience easier and more rewarding.

*  Eat right on the plan, go for proteins because they make you feel more better. Also, always drink water over soda and wine, to avoid messing up your tummy.

*  Travel light. It will help if you have one piece of luggage with you at all times. It helps you avoid checking luggages in and losing your things. It also saves you time when you land. There are many tricks on packing light and folding your clothes in a way that won’t take up too much space.

*  Some people advice that you think about what you want to take and then take half of that. It will help to pack a lot of dark colours if you have to re-use a suit or jacket. Also pack your shirts in the dry-cleaning bag to avoid it getting creased.

*  Charge your phones and computer the night before, so you go in with a number of options. Make sure to keep your keys and everything you will need on a visible place you must pass before leaving the house, so you don’t forget anything.

*  Stick to using certain airlines so you can benefit from upgrades and discounts as a frequent flyer. You can also enjoy this when you stay at certain hotels.

*  Don’t pass up on cheap fares just because you want to build up points, take advantage of them as well, they will save you money in the long run.

*  Most people mistake direct flights for one-stop flights. The difference is that direct flights may stop but you may not be required to get down from the plane, while non-stop flights don’t stop over till they get to their destination.

*  Some people have recommended using tennis balls under your feet to keep the soreness and stiffness away during the flight. Roll the ball under your feet during the flight.

*  It pays you to book the first flight out in case of delays and cancellations.

*  Always book hotels that offer WIFI, breakfast and other services, so that your stay is as comfortable as possible.




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