Top African countries with the highest GDP per capita

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The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is a crucial economic indicator that provides valuable insight into the economic health and well-being of a country. It is a tool that helps compare living standards, measure economic development, and assess the distribution of wealth within a country. To calculate the GDP per capita, we divide a country’s GDP by its population. This provides an approximate value of the country’s average economic output per person. This metric takes into account population size and provides a broader assessment of economic performance beyond the total GDP. GDP per capita varies greatly from country to country and even within the same continent. This is evident in Africa, where some countries with abundant natural and human resources have high GDP per capita, while others are still developing and have not yet reached the same level.
The inequality in GDP per capita across Africa is large. Neighboring countries such as Seychelles and Mauritius have relatively high per capita GDP due to their thriving tourism and service industries. This may be due to the huge GDP income compared to the managed population, but it may simply be due to the ingenuity and skill of the country’s managers. Meanwhile, in some sub-Saharan countries such as Chad and the Central African Republic, GDP per capita is declining due to a combination of factors such as political instability, lack of infrastructure, and limited access to education and health care. Masu. Care. It suffers from low gross domestic product (GDP per capita).
Here are the 10 largest African countries on the African continent.
The list is powered by TradingEconomics, a data platform that provides clients with accurate data for 196 countries, including historical and forecast data for over 20 million economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indices, government bond yields, and commodity prices. This figure represents GDP per capita in December 2022.

RankCountryGDP per capitaGDP
1.Seychelles$17117$1.24 billion
2.Mauritius$10545$12.9 billion
3.Libya$8151$45.75 billion
4.Botswana$6657$20.35 billion
5.Gabon$6642$21.07 billion
6.South Africa$6019$406 billion
7.Equatorial Guinea$5871$11.81 billion
8.Namibia$4358$12.61 billion
9.Egypt$4089$477 billion
10.Swaziland$4045$4.85 billion



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