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Young entrepreneurs are young adult who takes risks to start and run a business. These are the type of people who are willing to grab opportunities even with the risk involved. In our today’s world, entrepreneurship has become something that most young individual venture into considering the state of the country’s economy and unemployment rate. We have young people in all sector of the industry making waves, standing out and creating a greater future.

In the technology industry which has become one that interests the youth of today, Walter Isoko who is a technology strategist, a co-founder of fluxtechafrica , an application that help make payment with airtime or convert to cash. Amazing right? He has gained recognition for his works and made it to the 25 under 25 awards and also the Forbes 30 under 30 nominations list this year.

Fashion and beauty industry has a lot of young individual creating personalities with styles. Doyinmola Olajoye is the CEO of Dhoney. An entrepreneur who found a means of recycling worn out cloth items and uses Adire to express her style. she is not just an entrepreneur but also an innovator. She has been recognized

Agali Deborah is an artist who has utilized her passion for drawing. she has gained recognition from celebrates, likes Cardi be on her visit to Nigeria and Steve Harvey who tweeted the portrait drawing of him made by her. she was a winner for the 25 under 25 awards in 2021.

In sport Ese Brume is a Nigerian athlete who  a three-time African senior champion in the long jump as it is her specialty. She is was part of the Nigerian who won Medals in this years World champions in Oregon.

Entertainment industry has a lot of young adults showing off their talents and getting their flowers. Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe known as arya starr has expressed herself and shown her creativity through music. She is known to be one of the fastest rising teen in music industry today.

All these young people were definitely faced with risks and pushed through to standout and succeed. Some turned their hobbies into business idea and built on it and so could you.



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